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Thread: 12 or 14 inch wheels? 26 or 27 inch tires?

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    Default 12 or 14 inch wheels? 26 or 27 inch tires?

    I have a 750 Brute force. It's time for tires, the stock tire have taken me where I need to go. I was looking at the 14 inch ITP wheels with the Mud Lite XTR's in 27 inch. I have heard that you might have issues in the mud without a clutch kit. I may just go with 26's on a 12 inch rim. Any thoughts and issues that anyone may want to chime in on? Thanks

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    I started out with 14" rims and 27" Mud lights and switched to 12" ITP rims and 27" Swamp lights. I feel the latter of the two is a better combo. Tires are easier to find and cheaper in a 12". That alone is reason enough but the taller sidewall on the 12x27 is nice for the ride quality. have never had a dependability issue with more sidewalls either. IMO


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