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Thread: blackpowder shotgunners?

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    Default blackpowder shotgunners?

    Anyone else into them? I'm just getting into it and could use some pointers.....

    Just getting set up, think I'm ready to start blowing lead.

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    Default Black powder

    I have a Thompson center 12ga that I bought back in 93, a friend of mine got me started with it and he and I really use to have allot of fun hunting dove with them. It would take us all day to get our limit. Since I've been up here I have taken several grouse with it as well as a few rabbits. I have always used #6 shot and prefer black powder but it is harder to get up here so I use pyrodex now. As far as wads go I just use the paper type all though I have used the felt in the past. I have always enjoyed shooting mine and I'm sure that you will to.

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    boy there is no other blackpowder shotgunners in here?

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    I hunted extensively for ptarmigan, snowshoes and ducks with a Navy Arms double 12 until steel shot requirements came along. No bismuth available then for waterfowl, so I dumped it. Worst mistake of my life! Still trying to find a replacement. Pedersoli makes a nice double in 20, 12 and 10, but with chokes. That can be a bit problematic when it comes to seating wads and overshot cards, so I haven't made the jump yet.

    With mine I used WAA12 Red wads, leaving the petals whole for near-full choke performance, cutting them in half for mod and about 1/4-length for IC choke patterns. Worked really well, and I could regularly score on ducks over decoys out to 30-35 yards with 1 1/4 oz of #5's or #6's. For whatever reason my gun never liked #4's. I used pyrodex all the time with no problems. Got a couple of geese with the #5's one day when they came in real close, but would have used #2's instead if I had been planning on geese. A double barrel is kinda useless for white snowshoe hares on white snow with all that white smoke. By the time the smoke clears enough to see, it's too late for a second shot.

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    pedersoli also makes those same guns without chokes. Mine is a 10 gauge pedersoli from dixie gun works, no chokes.

    Thanks for the idears, where ya located? I'm in Fairbanks, feel free to email me if ya want to check it out.

    I havent shot mine yet, STILL waiting on a 10 gauge cleaning jag before I go out. Be nice to get home and take care of it instead of waiting for weeks for the right jag to get here.


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