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    Anyone else use a CB radio anymore? I find them quite useful when traveling with a buddy down the road. Obviously cell phone signal is not always available but they are also a lot easier than dialing a phone back and forth too. Just speak and be heard. Just curious. Also, what kind of items do you keep in your vehicle for wintertime? I've been known to run out of town on a moment's notice to go help a friend out in the boonies. I've kept a down sleeping bag, blankets, small stove, water, food, flashlights, road flares and tow ropes along with a first aid kit. Any suggestions? What do you keep with you for winter?

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    I have a CB I dont use it often I do turn it on from time to time to listen to the truckers talk trash to each other when I need a good laugh. In the winter I usually have 2 MRE's road flares, fire paste and a magnesium strip( because lighters tend to freeze up) Sleeping bag road flares tool kit and a few snares also a beater .22 pistol. I have a jeep cherokee and you can lift up the rear seats and put stuff under them so its not taking up all of the space in the back. I usually always have this stuff in there not just in the winter.

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    With the new FRS/GMRS radios out there, CBs are rapidly becoming a thing of the past. We use a pair of the Motorola Talkabouts while on the road and they work really well. They are also so small they can easily be thrown into a pocket or backpack when we take off on the wheelers or hiking... CB portability is pretty limited for the most part unless you go to a hand held which is quite a bit more expensive (for decent quality) than the FRS/GMRS radios.

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