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Thread: Growing wild Alaska blueberries and black huckleberries

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    Default Growing wild Alaska blueberries and black huckleberries

    We currently manage a stand of wild black huckleberries and blueberries in southeast Alaska. We have done a lot of research and experimentation as well as teamed up with some of the best berry advisors in the state to develop an outstanding seed bank with seeds from our highest quality, best producers. Alaska Blues' ultimate goal is to assist in the establishment of farms to commercially produce this overlooked and valuable crop. We are trying to establish a "farmer's forum" on our facebook site, Alaska Blues and would like to invite all interested parties to join in. If nothing else, the pictures are awesome!

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    Joined your fb site and asked a question but I don't think anyone is one it now.
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    In south central we usually (almost exclusively) just go up the mountain to where they grow naturally and take our berries. No permit required by the state, easy. Though I always am well-armed. Those bears up there can for some reason think those berries are theirs!

    Cool that you grow'm yourself.

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    Nice Website blues,

    would be cool if you posted some info on the "Habitat Requirements," you know what kind of land do you need to pull this off ?

    Very Interesting, the possibility of buying some state of the art seeds, but Blueberries aren't going to thrive anywhere you plant 'em right?
    So, what are the basics for the kind of land I need to have for these berries to take off.
    Also do you have info on other Alaska Compatible Berries ? My Father in law is a greenhouse/nursery owner in Kodiak, very succesful with raspberry patches around his land, do you guys have info on stuff for all over the state? Other berries beside Huckle and Blue ?

    Hmmmm, sounds tasty tho
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    A berry that does good is Honey Berries, They are some what like a blue berry and grow to about the size of the first joint of your little finger . I think that they might be avaiable at some of the local nursery. After they are going good they are heavy producers.Check the internet for full info.


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