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Thread: Quiet day on the flats

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    Default Quiet day on the flats

    Hunted alone on the flats this morning. Didn't hear a shot fired at DL until almost 9 am, then then it was towards the rabbit slough ramp and not on DL. Heard lots of geese all mornng and saw a couple V's in the sky, one around hunting start time about 30 yds up and not a shot fired at them. Then looking over towards the green shack i could see geese getting up in small groups maybe a half mile away and flying a short distance and setting back down, not over 10-20ft in the air. That occured ever few minutes all morning. Never been the only one on the lake before, very peaceful and quiet, really enjoyed it. Not many ducks were flying, I think Sun moring there must have been 10 times the ducks flying, but there were people to push them around also. I started working on my boat blind and had a couple sneek by me. Had 3 or 4 come in behind me and i downed one, landed in the middle of the water. at least 30 yrs from any of the reeds, started swimming so i shot and peppered all around him and he dove, never to be seen again. Checked the islands near him but couldn't fine him. Shortly after daybreak I noticed a brown spot on the shore near the Knick. Ignored it, but a bit later saw 2 spots there. Spent the next hour watching 2 moose wonder from out of the W end of the flats, down across where people camp and eventually towards the highway. Decided to go early since nothing was flying, and started to pick up the deks only to have 6 widgen try to land 20 yds from me, I picked up my gun that was still ready and click. nothing, jammed in a shell and 5 of them had left, but one silly duck landed 15 yrds in front of me. I waved my arms and he ignored me, finelly yelled "hey" and he took for for his last flight. So I ended the day with one duckie. Quiet and fun morning. Bud

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    Default Quiet Day

    Did you have Vote fetch up your duck?

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    Ah, that's classic. If you ever really want to get ducks flying around you, put down your gun and start F'ing with the decoys. Never fails... Sounds like a great morning nonetheless. I've really had a bit of a problem of work getting in the way of hunting this month. Unacceptable!

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