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    To all the hunters that have gone out so far, how has your success been? I called the DFG and they told me herds are scattered around and still hard to find. Any info will help. Thanks.

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    Are you heading back out to give it another try? I got back on the 15th, the first few days were slow but ended up right in the middle of the migration on day 4. Here is a link to the report I posted with some pictures...

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    We went on the 14th for 6 days.Seen about 400 hundred total, I would quess that 50 were bulls.I got a nice bull,one of my partners got 2 the other missed 2.We were about 100 miles from Kotzebue.The weather was great.I 'll post pictures later............Jim

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    Theres plenty.
    From Kiana we saw hundreds up on the mountains above, but for some reason were not comming down to cross. We waited two days,and nothing, Soooo we moved up, near the Sanddunes and there were lots. All the upper Kobuk is reporting a good catch and we hear the Noatak has a huge bunch moving down tward the Bairds, so they might get close soon.
    Just Upriver we saw maby 2,000, along the confines of the river.
    The temps plunged into the twentys at night this last week, and just hit freezing during the day. Last weeks cooling temps brought alotta Caribou down , and theres bands scatter'd everywhere. During freezeup they kind of halt and gather, waiting for the ice to thicken.
    The river has frozen all the way across in most places, and they are halted on the North side.
    Had a hell of a ride home, busting ice most of the way, and burned so much gas we had to leave one boat behind in Kiana, and buy their gas at 12$ (!!!!!!!!!!!) a gallon.
    Divvied up and kept 8 nice Bulls so far....not the 20 I wanted, if only I had 2 more days.......Just have ta catch Females when the Bulls go Stink.

    Gotta run back up , with gas and break a trail , get the kids home. The freezup is making its way down, I sure hope it stays cold.
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