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Thread: Spare parts for rowing frame...

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    Default Spare parts for rowing frame...

    Hello all!

    last year I purchased an AIRE traveler and I am interested in outfitting it with a rowing frame, seat, oars etc.

    due to the boats small size I figured I could get away with putting something together out of old spare parts others my have laying around. If you have anything you think I could use and are willing to sell or trade It would be greatly appreciated.

    Also has any one used Oars Saddles or similar??

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    I built my own row frame for my canoe and also built one for my hunting partner's canoe. If you do a search I posted pics of it in a thread named "my canoe" I think. Also you might be able to see it in some pics in the Alaska Float Hunting section under the thread "First Float Hunt". Mine is the green canoe.


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