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Thread: Upper Kenai Canyon Float to skilak... success on braids

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    Default Upper Kenai Canyon Float to skilak... success on braids

    Floating the Canyon this weekend in the inflatable kayaks. Probably camping at the end and hiking out Sunday. For people who have floated the canyon recently, just curious if you had any suggestion on which braids to fish and how the fishing is in general by the lake. I would prefer to keep to the right side braids as those are a bit closer to the hidden trail head but if fishing/camping is better on the left then I might go that way.

    I hope this makes sense. I drank too much coffee today.


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    Default inlet to skilak

    I was there last weekend and the water has dropped a lot, plus the current is slow enough to paddle to either side if you like. There's a nice spot on the right side by the lake that a lot of people use. You could probably oar back to the left or right to fish. I've never gone this late, but I would assume it's still good. Good Luck!!

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    The camping spot was awesome... float was awesome.... and the river looked like chocolate milk... fishing was not happening. But great float. Trying again maybe next weekend if the water level is lower. When the water is blown up with mud and filled with food what flies do anybody recommend?

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    Default Maybe next time.

    Sorry to hear the water was cloudy.I've done really well on old flesh when the river rises, but beads can still do the trick. Did you you try walking up river? Normally the inlet part gets cloudy, but if you walk up to the Island on the left side it's fishable. Well hopefully your next trip the river will be clear, because it can be really good fishing. Good Luck!


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