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Thread: Polarguard vs. Primaloft

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    Default Polarguard vs. Primaloft

    Can someone help me out as to the differences between these two synthetics? Wondering about weight, wicking capability, warmth, storage, loft...

    Thanks, Joshua

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    Default here goes nothing...

    I've done a little research here and there but certainly don't claim to know what I'm talking about. With that said; here goes nothing...

    Polarguard is a continuous filament insulation. Polarguard Delta is newest (and higherst performing) member of polarguard. It has a super void hollow construction. I've read decent reviews of the Polarguard Delta. I have also read that over time the hollow fillament can become brittle and break causing lost loft and insulation.

    Primaloft One is a microfiber insulation. The ultra fine fibers are specially treated in a patented process. Regardless of wet or dry - Primaloft One claims to be gram for gram warmer than continuous filament. It also claims to abosrb 3-4 times less water than continuous filament.

    I know you did'nt ask but I'm going to throw in Lamilite as well... Lamiliate is an unbound silcone-coated continuoius filament fiber.

    I own a primaloft bag and have had nothing but phenominal success. I have put it to the test on several occassions and it has come through. I've read and heard that Lamilite is the ultimate insulation. I don't doubt it a bit. But I can't justify spending the money on a new bag when mine works just fine. With that said I can see picking up a Wiggy's system sometime in the not to distant future.

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    Default Synthetic Fibers

    Like with every piece of equipment, people could debate the variations amongst synthetic fibers. Though I have six synthetic sleeping bags hanging in my storage area right now, I don't think the fiber itself matters much at all. I doubt you would ever lay awake at night thinking "dang, I wish I would have gone for the polarguard delta." Rather you may find yourself saying "man, I need a warmer bag," "geez, did someone throws some rocks in my stuff sack, this thing is too heavy," or "I wish this thing would be easier to cram into the compartment of my backpack."

    I would look at the stats of the bag (weight, size, etc) which may be a result of the insulation, but not use the insulation type itself as the criteria for selection. Also remember that in the US there is no standard in determining the temperature rating of sleeping bags, so on company's 25 degree may feel as warm as another's 10 or 15.


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    Did you see this thread a couple days ago? I made a few comments on various synthetics from my experience mountaineering! There are many good ones out there, but if you're gonna get wet, Primaloft is my favorite. I really like the way it feels compared to Polarguard! Primaloft is softer in my opinion and not nearly as bulky for the same insulating value. Plus it packs smaller and is nicer to layer a shell over! About my only concern with Primaloft is in sleeping bags. They can lose a great deal of insulating value (as can any material) if stored in a compression sack or laundered improperly. And like someone just stated, everyone has their own rating system with no stardardized testing! I have a Moonstone zero degree rated bag I routinely feel quite cold in below about 15 degrees, while I have a 20 degree Mountain Hardware bag that feels good to 0! So much has to do with hydration, fitness level, calorie consumption and body temp before hitting the sack.


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    I've got a primaloft jacket and love it...have a wiggys sleeping bag and love it...but it's heavy! Not much help, but I tend to agree with the previous comment that it's all worlds beyond traditional insulation and you can't go wrong if you buy it for what fits your needs (size, weight, warranty, etc)

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    Default Hint...

    Keep buying Primaloft bags and you'll keep buying bags. No way around that.



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