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Thread: Upper Kenai next week?

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    Default Upper Kenai next week?

    Planning a 3-4 day stint of floating the upper river from Sportsman's to Jim's between Sunday and Wednesday 10/3-10/6. Any update form this weekend on water conditions and fish presence would be appreciated.
    Is there any value in floating the stretch from the lake down? How about walking the Russian from the falls down, have the fish dropped out?

    Looking for any intel I might glean from the Fishapalooza guys that have been there all month.


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    Fishing was fairly slow on the Upper Sunday, but we still managed a few nice bows. Cream-colored flesh seemed like the best bet, though my buddy also got a nice rainbow on a Purple Comet when fishing for silvers.

    Water is very low. There's little water in the side channels. Nothing to worry about in the way of rocks in the main stem.

    There weren't many salmon left up in the Sportsman's to Jim's stretch. Just a few old reds and a few silvers moving through.

    One last thing - I'm missing three life jackets (one gray, one blue, one red) and think they may have been left at Sportsman's on Sunday morning, probably in a black garbage bag. Anyone see 'em?


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