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Thread: Are you loopy?

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    Default Are you loopy?

    Although I hate to be that guy that starts yet another knot thread (gasp)..

    How many of you use a loop knot when you are fishing flies with lots of action. Big articulating beasts and such?

    Had an in depth conversation about this recently, and it's something I've never tried. In theory it would free up the fly from the constraints that come with a static knot and provide some more movement in the water.


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    I use a loop knot most of the time with flies that are weighted towards the front, i.e. anything with dumbell eyes, conehead, etc. Gives it a nicer jigging action as you strip it in that isn't as constrained by the stiffness of the line. Also a good call whenever using really heavy leaders, like 60 pound fluoro leaders/bite guards for big pike. Doesn't seem to make as much of a difference for flies that are evenly weighted, like with a lead wire wrap, since they sink in a more level fashion when you pause between strips.

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    I always use a loop knot with any streamer, weather I am dead drifting it or especially swinging it. The loop gives the fly do much more action in the water in all circumstances of the swing or drift, it really aids in the action on the hang down when you are popping it and then stripping it back in.
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    +1 for the loop knot.
    What loomis said!!
    Definately would be worth trying out.

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    I use one that I learned from an old timer years ago that actually cinches down on the eye of the hook when you pull back to set his eyes straight. Works great when ice fishing too.
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    I use a loop knot for most situations the only time I do not is when chucking dry flies.

    I find the action provided by bugs hanging from a loop to be superior to those in a clinch type knot, bead head flies especially.

    This is the one I use:

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    Heck yeah! Why fish if you're not loopy? Oh, wait a minute, you're talkin about knots arntcha? LOL! Well... I do enjoy imbibing on stream, river, lake, what have ya, but honestly, the loop knot is very handy and convenient when tieing several flys and changing leaders. I love the loop knot... and just love being loopy any chance I get! LOL! There's nothing better than time on the water.


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