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Thread: DM802 was a bust

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    Default DM802 was a bust

    Three of us went down the Yukon from Sept 14-24 in between Tanana and Ruby. Hopes were pretty high between the three of us we would get a least one moose. We hunted pretty hard, covered a lot of territory and to our dismay we didn't even see a cow. We found very little sign in a few areas and a lot of areas we found zero sign. We talked to a local that lives on the river and he told us since the flood a couple years ago, the moose in this area have been scarce. I am curious if anyone on here hunted DM802 and what kind of success they had, we only saw a couple jet boats out there that seemed to be doing this hunt.

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    We hunted that area 3 years ago and got a 45 inch bull. (Any bull tag). It was the only moose we saw the entire trip. Was not lots of sign either. Sounds like we got lucky!
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    We just got back from that area. We planned to hunt below Tanana, but before the Nowitna. We totally wasted 4 days. Very few moose signs. Lots of grizzly and wolf tracks along the bank though. We ended up getting more gas in Tanana and making a run down to the Nowitna to set up, AGAIN. We got one moose there, but were lucky.

    We were in jet boats. You may have seen us, we were broke down a lot.

    Next year, we are not going to bother with the DM802 area and head to more moosey locations. It is just money.


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