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Thread: Nice evening at Kincaid

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    Default Nice evening at Kincaid

    I went to shoot a bit yesterday afternoon and shortly after I arrived I met the Northwest Archer's range captain (and AOD member) Jeff. We chatted a bit and while we were talking a young bull moose ambled onto the practice range and began to feed on the tops of a large birch that had blown down (left hand side--40 yd & 50 yd targets blocked).

    Just one of those "small miracles" that remind me of what a great place I live in. Sharing small talk with a stranger with a common interest while large (semi) wild game feeds in our presence, and on a day that held both snow and sun.

    Thank you Lord for bringing me to live in Alaska.
    If cave men had been trophy hunters the Wooly Mammoth would be alive today

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    Hey Erik,

    Nice meeting and chatting with you as well. I tried sending a PM but got a message saying your inbox was full.

    Best of luck on your upcoming hunt,


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    P.S. Practice range is now clear of downed tree.


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