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    My grandfather went to alaska last year to get a harlequin and barrows.he was he shipped them back to ohio.and this summer the taxideremist lost his freezer and lost his grandfather cannot travel anymore due to health.and wants to carve these ducks to finish a collection that he's been doing for 60 years.I cannot pay for the ducks because its illegal but i can pay for shipping and compensate for your time.thanks for any help in advance

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    That sucks. I don't hunt for divers, typically, but if I get a good opportunity at some point, I will keep you in mind. Sorry about losing the ducks.
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    I usually don't shoot any of those for another month or two. It is kind of difficult to get out for them but if the weather cooperates I will be able to get some. Post up in a month or two and maybe we will have some. I have gifted some in the past according to Federal regulations do I am familiar with the process.


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