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Thread: Misty Mountain Spoiler Softshell Pants - 2 thumbs up!

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    Thumbs up Misty Mountain Spoiler Softshell Pants - 2 thumbs up!

    I recently purchased a pair of Misty Mountain Spoiler Softshell Pants to be a 3rd (backup) pair of pants for my Newfoundland Moose/Caribou/Bear hunt (using Sitka Ascent Pant and Marmot Precip Pant as main pants) BUT I think these Misty Mountain Pants are going to be my primary pants when the weather gets on the cooler side. Here's some info on the pants:

    -anti pill fleece lining
    -windproof/waterproof/breatheable softshell knit stretch elastic fabric
    -zippered front and snap waist with elasticized sides with belt loops
    -2 zippered waist, flat cargo and back pockets
    -articulated knees
    -drawcord ankle bottoms
    -Black only

    I had to try these out before I leave to Newfoundland so I wore them for a Goose/Duck hunt in the field. Weather was extremely windy, slightly wet and around the 8 deg C mark. I did have a pair of 100% Merino Wool KOMBI baselayer pants on BUT I didn't need them at all! I was so warm with these pants and they breathe extremely well! They are so comfortable to wear and they look good too. Not to thick or bulky IMO and seem to be made really well. Only time will tell to see how durable they are.

    Oh and did I forget to say they only cost $56.00 CDN!!! I will update the review once I put them through some rough stuff.


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    Where did you get them? I can't find these online anywhere.

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    Default ... they have 4 store (2 Ontario, 2 Quebec) but you can purchase over the phone or online. They have a really crappy online store, it's basically their catalogue pages scanned. If you go to their clothing section then look through the headings you should be able to find it. Their phone number for phone orders is 1-800-567-3377 Mon-Fri 8:30am - 6pm EST. The code for those pants (Misty Mountain Spoiler Mens Softshell Pants) are 5328 $56.63 CDN.


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    Made a mistake it should read "Sitka 90% Pant & Marmot Scree Pant"


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