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Thread: 7mm-08 black bears

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    Default 7mm-08 black bears

    This is a carry over from the hunting thread & I'm going to cross post it in the reloading forum because it fits there too.

    Anybody have experience with Hornady's 139 gr spire point Interlocks or their 139gr SSTs on black bear size game with the 7-08?
    Reading the SST reviews on the Midway web page nobody complained of bullets coming apart on deer size game & one reviewer said he took two Caribou with good results.

    Specifically I will be using an Encore handgun, 15" barrel.
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    I have shot just about everything with a 7 x 57mm with handloads, which is the same ballistically as the 7-08. But I only used 150 , 160 and 175 grain bullets. The 139 grain slugs just seemed a little light...

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