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    Went to the Deshka on Tues. Fished from 0630-1830. We only got one small king (15#'s) on a yellow/black #6 Vibrax. Saw about 15-20 taken throughout the day. Two were pushing 50#'s. The bite was slow, even with eggs, and the wind was strong. Can only imagine it will get better every day.

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    The bite has been shut off by 7 most mornings, due to the sun. Clouds will help lengthen that a bit. 4 to 6 AM has been the most productive times.

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    Default 5 June Update

    Got 7 kings in the AM, all before 7:30. Left as most were just coming out, so I don't know how the rest of the day panned out. Nothing over 35 lbs. One was about 8 lbs. A friend said he got into some hot and heavy action at Alexander Creek (tide timing is a huge factor on the Alexander), in 2 1/2 hours they caught and released nine, between two of them. The Big-Su is the absolute lowest that I or anyone I spoke with remembers. A few boats even got grounded in the mouth of the Deshka. Stay to the south when making your entry and you will be fine. The north side is a sandbar. Weir count is still low. But fish to be had if you fish the right time. Good Luck


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