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Thread: Hidden Lake?

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    Default Hidden Lake?

    I was wondering how to fish lakers on hidden lake? any tips would be appreciated

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    Central peninsula, between the K-rivers


    Do a search on this.
    To be brief, troll with spoon or rubber type minnow behind those small, keel-like flashers and a banana weight, or you can use small downriggers to get your offering down there. Use a fish finder and stick to structure and look for schools of kokanee. Fish early morning and evening (calmer anyway). In winter fish with Swedish Pimple tipped with kokanee or any number of other spoons. Troll herring on a weighted treble or egg loop hook works well too. Many good spots, but off cliffs or over reefs is always best.
    Action is generally hit and miss, though for some veterans it is hit as much as miss. It is a waiting game for most. But it is a honey of a lake, and I love it, no matter how fickle the action is.
    I look for them to limit this lake because it is over-fished. Probably will go baitless like interior lakes.


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