Hello Folks,

I thought there might be a few who check these forums who might be interested in the upcoming .22 Pistol (XIX) Shooting League (NRA Conventional Indoor Bullseye Pistol) at the Alaska Department of Fish and Game Hunter Education Indoor Shooting Range in Fairbanks.

The league program is extremely popular and is for shooters ages 10 and older and for all skill levels. AIM-COMM, the non-profit partner organization to the range, administers the league shooting program and has volunteer officers who keep everything running smoothly. AIM-COMM works cooperatively with ADF&G to make the league program possible.

This upcoming .22 Pistol League includes an Organizational Meeting this Friday, September 24, at 7 p.m., then the next week a Practice Match, followed by seven weeks with a match per week and then wraps up with a Tournament and a Potluck/Awards event.

The leagues are fun and social and really help shooter's improve their knowledge and skill related to pistol shooting. Shooters earn a classification score and compete against shooters in the same classification bracket. The league can accomodate up to 10 full teams. Teams consist of four regular team members and one alternate member.

All the details, including the program/schedule and registration forms, are available on the league shooting page at www.aimcomm.org. You can also email the league chair person, Rick Briggs, at leagues@aimcomm.org.

If you have any interest in participating I recommend you stop in and visit the range tonight (Thursday) during walk-in public shooting hours from 5 to 9 p.m. and sign up or make sure to attend the Organizational Meeting on Friday, September 24, at 7 p.m., at the range (which is located at 1501 College Road, just West of the Danby Street/College Road intersection).

Registration opened on September 15 and as of this post, most of the shooter slots on Wednesday were full but there were still openings for Friday. The league shoots on Wednesday and Friday evenings, from 7 to 10 p.m. +/-. Shooters sign up for available slots on either Wednesday or Friday evening.

If you aren't quite ready to sign up and participate in the shooting league, you still may want to stop in and learn more about the league program and/or watch a match some time. After this .22 league wraps up, a center-fire pistol league is scheduled to begin in Jan/Feb.

Website: http://www.aimcomm.org/web/