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Thread: Boating Accross to Susitna from Anchorage

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    Default Boating Accross to Susitna from Anchorage


    I've talked to a few folks and have been on a ride along to the big su from the downtown Anchorage boat launch but I still have a few questions. Any help will be appreciated.
    For one thing, is it possible to get a prop up the eastern channel. I understand it is possible in the western channel but I'm not sure about that east shore. The east shore will get us where we want to go quicker. I've seen guys running it from the air but don't know if they were props or jets. Not planning on going far upstream.....only to Alexander Creek at most but would rather take the prop because the boat is better in the inlet if the weather is rough. So, any info about how to approach the east channel is appreciated. i know it will be tricky at high tide.
    Also, what is the time difference for high tide between the Big Su and Anchorage? I assume the tide happens earlier on the Su, but by how much? Anyone know.

    Also- has anyone else had their internet browser tell them that the Outdoor Directory has been reported as an "attack site"??



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    I don't know for sure, but Fire Island is about 20-25 minutes tide difference from Anchorage. Never been to the big su tho.


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