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Thread: Helmet Camera for filming the hunt

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    Default Helmet Camera for filming the hunt

    Has anybody used a helmet camera such as the one at the link below for filming their hunt??

    Was thinking this could be worn on your head or mounted onto a backpack frame used as a rest or a walking pole/shooting stick/etc.---might be a nice way to capture the final moments prior to the shot and then thru the shot and aftermath (especially on a solo hunt or when you need to be actively backing up your partner and cannot sit there and film with a full-size camcorder).

    If not this type of camera what are some other recommendations??

    Not sure if I'd want to post the video onto this site based on the super-scrutiny the written reports have been receiving lately--can only imagine people picking apart the video in excrutiating detail.

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    That camera shoots SD. If you want to go HD look at these. BTW, I think you have a great idea.
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    like this?

    at about 2min 50sec...first try at birds...used the ContourHD...sure wish I had it for my moose hunt a couple weeks ago...
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    I use a ContourHD when I'm snowmachining, it's awesome.
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