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Thread: Riveted or Welded?

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    Default Riveted or Welded?

    Can someone plz tell me the pros and cons of having a riveted or welded Jon Boat? Which one is better?

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    Default My vote welded

    Welded, rivets need maintenance and replacement and can be torn off on skinny water.

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    I have run a rivited boat for years, my brother in law runs a welded. The advantages to rivited are - they are cheaper and lighter (lighter is important in shallow water!). The welded boats are definitely sturdier, but you sacrifice weight which means you need more horsepower to get the same performance.

    I never lost any rivits, but had to tighten a few over the years which was a pretty simple job. You will easily pay 1/2 again as much for a welded boat over the same size rivited. It all depends on how you plan to use the boat. If you want big loads on big rivers, I'd go with welded. If it is going to be a small river fishing boat, I'd stay with rivited.

    My $.02

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