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    Default Pixie hooks

    I like to use pixies and always replace the treble hooks with the single hook. I find the single hook a lot easier to remove from the salmon.

    If I have a preference, I prefer to hook the fish in the upper mouth. Which way should the hook be facing to accomplish this? Should it face the concave or convex side? I tried pulling the spoon slowly through clear water to see which way was up but the spoon has so much side to side action I just can't tell.

    Thanks for your advice.

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    Try skimming bottom with it. There's your answer! We fish shallow rocky tide flats a lot, and if the hook is pointed toward the convex side, replacing Pixies gets expensive fast. Point them toward the concave (or "back") side and they'll usually skim and bounce right over the bottom without snagging.

    As for consistently hooking them in the roof of the mouth, it kinda depends on how fast you are retrieving. That happens on a slower retrieve where it just wobbles, but if you're retrieving fast enough that they spin, it's pot luck.

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    I too rig the spoons` hook facing the convex side...alot less snags.

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    You will hook more fish if the hook bends with the spoon. The hook should point down (concave side).
    But whatever gets the fish in! Good luck and have fun


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