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Thread: Seward/harbor/town fishing

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    Hi guys! We've got a 16' Xtreme jon boat for the Kenai, (with a 25 Yamaha 4 stroke) but what are the fishing opportunities in and around Seward, close in the bay? I've heard it said that the bay is fished out, but what's your opinions?
    We had an Almar lite 16' w/35 that we took out to Fox one year and loaded up on silvers, but had a bluebird day. Are there rockfish close in and what kind of lures to use, how to locate spots if we don't have a fishfinder?
    We'll be up there from July 18-Aug.8, so maybe we can get into some silvers?
    Any help would be great! Hard to believe there's no fish close to town, but what do I know?
    Thanks guys,
    Also, does anybody know if there's a good detailed map of the bay available, maybe with bottom contours/depths?
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    Seward has some great fishing in close and that boat will be fine on a good day. Try out by the sea lion decoy just off the river's mouth, saw mill, harbor, and sea life center are all good for Sivlers in close, coal dock is good for rock fish. Guys are brave and take boats farther but IMO it is not advisable, weather can change to quick with a wind from the North in the Bay.
    There are plenty of great charts available, find a nautical chart and you are in business, just depends on how specific and detailed you want to go. The fish house will have a great supply of these in Seward if you can not find them elsewhere.

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    Hi Clice, thanks for the reply! Since the boat we have has no electronics or downriggers, what would be a good assortment of tackle/techniques to use for silvers & rockfish? On the trip I mentioned to Fox, we didn't have downriggers, and couldn't catch anything slowtrolling, so this old couple trolling next to us (catching silver after silver) said, "you gotta get deeper!".
    Fortunately I had some divers in the box (the ones you use on the Kenai), and rigged those up with a short leader and cut herring (I'm positive I didn't get the angle right cutting those herring) and slow trolled that setup and we did okay. Maybe that technique can work anywhere?
    Thanks for the help!

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    jet planners have their place and work fine for shallow applications but buy the big dippsy divers that dive as deep as you want, they break free upon a strike (not completely free but will not be diving any more). I think the ones i like are the 100', let out about 75 yards of line, trianlge flash, and 30" of leader to a cut herring and you will be doing some business.
    Rock fish you need a green dart. You can buy everything else in the store but you will still need a green dart. I dont like to fish any deeper than 40'

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    Big Jim,

    The info Clice gave you is right on. Use the divers when your trolling and use a single or double hook rig with a whole herring or a slice of one with a plastic squid. The Squid have a variety of colors, recomended to have a couple colors. You can also when fishing for rock fish drift you boat close to the rocks, use pieces of herring. Good Luck, keep an eye on this web site and they'll keep you updated on where the silvers are.

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    You mat be too early for silver fishing in the bay. As for rockfish, I have discovered that they are meat eaters. I have done best using hering and bounce it on the bottom near a rockey shore line.
    Good luck and Good fishing


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