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    For those of you that hunt upland birds over a dog, do any of you use a beeper collar with the hawk scream? If so, what brand what is the beeper (Tri-tronics or SD), what was your experience like & do you have any concerns about its durability? I use a bell on my dog, but I have been considering a beeper collar with the hawk scream for grouse.


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    I have 2 tri-tronics beepers that I have never put on the dogs. No concern about durability, they seem as rugged as the collars. You can set them to constantly beep or only when the dog points. If you have the right e-collar transmitter you can turn them on and off remotely too. No recharging because they run on a 9-volt battery. Hawk scream and beep are the two sounds. Volume settings are loud and louder. They say to muffle them with some cloth taped over the speaker when you first put them on the dog. I have seen people hunting with them and I heard shots after the beeps. Supposedly, the hawk scream gets the birds to hold tighter. If you are interested in a deal on the tri-tronics model send me a pm.


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