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    Looking for any reviews on the Alweld especially the 18' V. Curious about the tunnel vs non tunnel. How would a 40hp 4 stroke yamaha jet push this boat? Also curious how this boat compares to the G3 or the Lowe. They all seem to be close in weight.

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    My brother in law runs a 17' Alweld with a 50 Honda jet. It does really well moderately loaded. His is not the tunnel model. It looks and feels like a quality boat. I ran it on the Little Su and was quite impressed. With three adult men (6-700#) plus fishing gear it jumped right up and was quite fast.

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    Default tunnel or no tunnel

    The Alweld has a small jet tunnel that gets your jet foot
    up out of harms way. If you realy run shallow its nice
    insurance. Cuts on jet repairs.
    All three boats are good quality. The Alweld has twice
    the rib structure. It will take a little more abuse.


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