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    Default Sig Sauer P238

    I recently purchaed and fired today the Sig Sauer P238 Nitron w/ rosewood grips and Siglite night sights, .380 Auto. I shot 180 rounds through the little pistol and it performed flawlessly. Very accurate, minimal recoil, nice looking and very functional. Looks like a mini 1911.

    I realize that this is not the caliber of choice for personal protection, but for really concealed carry, for a woman or person who has very small hands and is sensitive to recoil, or as a backup, it is a remarkable little weapon.

    Just thought I would pass along my observations.

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    How does it compare size wise to the now defunct Colt .380 (Mustang, .380 Gov't., Pocketlite, etc.)?

    These look like neat carry guns.

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    I've got one that I LOVE. I was going to give it to my mom who is moving to South Carolina in a few weeks, however, the 1911 style battery of arms is just a little too complicated for her, so I have to sell it. I just got it in April, and it comes with two mags, three sets of grips, and literally a brand new Highnoon IWB holster that has never been used (the "Public Secret" w/straps

    I'll let it all go for $625. And anyone in the Fairbanks area is more than welcome to give it a "test drive" at the South Cushman range if you're interested. Just PM me, or email me at


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    Default Excellent CCW rig

    This is the best CCW gun I have handled...a spittin' image of the ol' Colt Mustang. Here is a nice review if you're interested...



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