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Thread: Looking for Reloading supplies for 44 mag.

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    Default Looking for Reloading supplies for 44 mag.

    Well I just got my first hand cannon, so now I have to find the reloading gear. Also some recipes.

    Oh and 323, lets see how long it takes you to resist.

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    i have a set of rcbs dies and some brass (maybe 50-60 or so) they are in a bag. the dies i believe are carbide. pm me if you are interested, i live in anchorage. you can have it all for 40.00. there might be a box of speer lead bullets, i'll check when i get home.

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    PM has been sent.

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    I have a ton of cast bullets and a truckload of pistol primers but you can't have any haha

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    I just ordered up a bunch of reloading equipment for my 44 and my rifles from Lee Loading. They ship anywhere in the US for a $4.00 handling charge per order and send all orders by UPS. Kick ass on the shipping to Alaska. Lee is the top of the line in my years of reloading.
    Lyman has a great reloading manual if you can find a copy. I think Sportsmans Warehouse sells the manual. In any case, they have alot of relaoding manuals and reloading supplies. Best to by your powder and primers from them or you will pay hazardous material fees to have them shipped to you. You can also check Midway USA online for bullets and brass, but you will pay shipping with them. Almost as cheap or cheaper to by your brass and bullets at Sportsmans too, depending on what you need.
    Lee has some handy reloading videos on this site also.

    Good luck


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