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Thread: Blacks Creek Barbarian Featherlight Pack

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    Default Blacks Creek Barbarian Featherlight Pack

    Anybody own or have any experience/reviews of the Blacks Creek Barbarian Featherlight Pack??

    I stumbled upon it while researching some other packs and it seems like it is a nicely built pack--what caught my eye also was the "dyneema" material--same as what my new Barney pack is made of I believe from the photos and backpack description on the website link below...appears to be a possible good day-pack/secondary pack (although I am not crazy about those detachable lids that convert into a fanny pack or anything else...)

    Of course looking nice versus actually fitting and carrying a load and handling the use & abuse in the field are two very different things so I am wondering if anybody has more information/firsthand experience with this pack?

    You can see the pack at this link:

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    looks pretty small at 4400 cu in. good backpack size for backpacking, but pretty small for a decent length backpack hunt

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    Yeah--it isn't expedition-size or anything but with so many folks lovin' on the packs like the Badlands 2200 and other small/medium packs including those used on many hunting programs I thought maybe this pack fit into that segment of the market somewhat nicely and wanted to know if anybody had some firsthand knowledge/reviews of the pack.


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