I have been gathering information from this forum, over the last year, for a late August caribou hunt on the N slope of the Brooks. I was new to AK and needed all the help I could get. I would like to thank all you folks that contributed many tips and suggestions that made my trip more enjoyable. I would especially like to thank Alaska True Adventure(Dennis), AKHunter45, and mainer in AK for the LaCross wader recommendation. They were all that, a new boot that requires no break in, wear them all day with no blisters. Also, a big thank you to Mort, Slimm, Wholdenjkb, and jakec5253 for Glenns Meats. Glenn, with the help of his wife, processed the meat and arranged the shipping. The day after I arrived home (N.Y.), the caribou showed up frozen solid in nice little packages. The chorizo was unusually delicious.
Thank you all.