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Thread: Tier 1 Caribou Report

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    Thumbs up Tier 1 Caribou Report

    The season began with me holding in my hand a Tier 1 Caribou Permit, for the Nelchina Caribou. Along with that came the Requirement that I must also hunt my Moose in Unit 13. Weather conditions were WARM and fuel prices were up. So off I go. I make it to the hunting fields and get out my long eyes. I spy several good brood bull caribou and......yep, some decent bull moose too. So I start to thinking. If I kill a caribou now, he won't have a chance to breed and....if I kill a moose now he won't have a chance to breed. I am betting on a long shot that the BOG won't force me to come back here to hunt moose in future regulations, so I take out the Bull Moose, as directed.

    Before I left the house, I sent in my Tier II Caribou Application for the late season. Course there ain't no late season for moose. So, I opt to shoot the Bull Moose and let the Caribou breed. If all goes according to my thinking and the BOG's logic, reasoning and regulations and the Judge's court ruling they set forth, I expect to be able to get back out after the Caribou Rut and get my caribou. Course it will cost me another hundred dollars in fuel, but that is the steep price we pay for wanting to get meat and continue playing all the Reindeer Games.
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    No pictures?
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    Quote Originally Posted by martentrapper View Post
    No pictures?
    Naw, just a plain old Bull Moose. It'd be like taking pictures of rocks, hills, trees, snow, ice and water.
    "96% of all Internet Quotes are suspect and the remaining 4% are fiction."
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