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Thread: sheep hunt in ds203

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    Hey There,
    I've been hunting for almost 25 years, but I"m relatively new to Alaska and new to sheep hunting. But I got lucky cause for my first year as a resident I've drawn the Delta mgmt. area sheep tag for the non-motorized area.
    Any and all info or advice fellow sheep hunters could give me on this area would be greatly appreciated.
    I've got my 20 year reunion back east for the same time period, but I figure I"m going to blow it off because the reason I put in for that unit in the first place is a friend from here recommended it. Would you all agree?
    I knew the odds were long, so now that I"ve drawn I"m a bit overwhelmed. Anything you guys can tell me about that area, pros/cons, etc, etc. would be greatly appreciated!
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    Default Ds 203

    Call Leif @ 40 Mile Air, ask him if "THE SPOT" is still available. I was hoping to use myself but------. It is a proven A++++

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    The following link to the ADF&G website has some good starter information for DS203 and DS204.


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