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    Default Thinking of starting

    My father trapped to supplement his teaching income during his first 10 years in Alaska back in the late 60s/early 70s. My brother then picked it up recreationally in his late teens and still does a little now and then. I never really caught the bug, probably due to spending 100+ days a winter on skis, but I think it's time to change that.

    I'm thinking of dedicating one or two months worth of weekends next winter to the endeavor. I have a place in mind that I've showshoed extensively - there is no motorized access, very few people, and no signs of an active trapline as far as I can tell. (Lots of critter tracks as well)

    My question is, what part of the winter is the most productive? I know that it would be best to trap from opening day to the close of the season, but I still want plenty of time for my other pursuits that my wife and I enjoy together. So, if you were going to hit it hard for a month or two, which part of winter would you choose?


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    Brian,sending you a pm.

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    Default plane

    Brian you fly also correct? You could get a heck of a line going with your plane that nobody else can access. You have ALOT of potential there.

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    I think it depends on what you want to trap. The seasons for different critters are open for different dates. The beginning of the season everything is open, but later in the year it is easier to trap canines because of the snow conditions and that they are peeing on everything. Later in the year you get warmer conditions and longer days. So it depends. Just my opinion.

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    Default timing

    Quote Originally Posted by B_M View Post
    but I still want plenty of time for my other pursuits that my wife and I enjoy together. So, if you were going to hit it hard for a month or two, which part of winter would you choose?

    Is there some reason your wife and you can't enjoy trapping together?
    There are alot of factors to consider if your going to narrow your trapping to an 8 week period.
    When seasons open, in general, fur animal pops will be at their yearly high. Meaning young of the year still alive. As winter progresses, the total number of critters in your area will be less, tho sometimes certain species may move into an area and you could end up with more.
    Daylight is a consideration as well, also snow conditions. With both daylight and snow being somewhat better after the 1st of the year.
    If your just trapping to put a couple bragging type taxidermy mounts in the house, then the time of year you catch your critters isn't that relavent. If your looking to maximize income from your catch, then the time at which you sell is often important. Generally, the beginning and middle of the trapping season brings better prices. As fur quality gets worse in late winter/spring, your potential income may very well fall, even on furs caught earlier.
    I don't see any reason you couldn't combine xcountry skiing and trapping. A ski trail would likely be a good enticement to certain species to follow your tracks and become a good place for a few snares.
    An airplane can be an asset, but the cost of using it is rarely covered by fur income.
    Start preparing now. Get some traps/snares. Read up on trapping techniques. Join the ATA and your not enjoying trapping at the expense of those who are paying for the right.
    I can't help being a lazy, dumb, weekend warrior.......I have a JOB!
    I have less friends now!!


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