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Thread: replacing hooks on vibrax lures.

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    Default replacing hooks on vibrax lures.

    I have a few vibrax lures with rusty hooks. I was wondering if anyone has cut off the treble hook and replaced it with a new treble? The only way it can go on is if you add a slip ring to the hook. And, does it change the action?

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    I've replaced treble hooks on vibrax and other spinners using a split ring (only way I know to do it). I haven't seen that it has any affect whatsoever on the action. Go for it.

    Also, consider going with a single siwash hook. You can get them with the open eye and just pinch them on. Again, doesn't affect the action. I think you get better hooksets on salmon, and it's easier on fish if you're C&R.
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    Ive seen open-eye trebles online before but did not find any in Anchorage. I checked sportsmans warehouse, wally's and B&J's and did not find any at those places.
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    I have also changed the hooks using a snap ring and seen no difference in action. They still catch fish. :-) I have also rebuilt them as original. I bought a tool from a lure making website and break them down, bend new wire and put them back together.

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    Scrap the worthless treble.

    Pinch on a brand new siwash.... or better yet a sickle siwash.
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