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Thread: Possibilities of calibers .243Win.,.308Win.,30-06,9.3x62 on hunt.

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    Smile Possibilities of calibers .243Win.,.308Win.,30-06,9.3x62 on hunt.

    Possibilities of calibers .243Win.,.308Win.,30-06,9.3x62 on hunt.
    Hi friends.
    Information and possibilities of these calibers interests on hunt.

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    The 243 will kill smaller stuff, like blacktail deer and caribou pretty good though my cousins wife has killed 6 moose with one. The 308 will too but will also penetrate reasonably well on moose and can kill interior griz well enough that I would hunt them with it. The 30-06 will out penetrate the 308 and can shoot bigger bullets making it a great all around AK round, and arguable the minimum for bigger coastal brown bears. The 9.3 will kill anything in AK as long as you can find bullets for it. If you can't then it would probably fair somewhat poorly as a walking stick or perhaps a club if you can sneak up on a spruce grouse.

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    .308 with 168gr barnes tipped tsx with take just about everything up here. only problem is if u ever plan on shooting out past 300 with the 7.62 then bullet drop is a big concern. the main thing to concider is what you plan on hunting and where. hope this helps some.


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    They have all killed just about everything in Alaska at one point or another.

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    well, whatr you planning on hunting? the calibers you have listed would range from hunting deer/yotes too buffalo. Aside from the .308 and '06 none of them really compare to each other. I'm not a big fan of .243's in my opinion there barely suitable for deer, when i think of a deer cartridge, i want something that will penetrate the full length of its body, from any angle through any bones. It is possibly the very best yote cartridge ever developed, its got stiff competition with the .270 though.


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