Rex Trail - ATV access for antlerless DM684, a novice seeks advice
- originally posted in Alaska ATV forum

I have this question to experienced Alaskan ATV riders about Rex Trail access to that area between Totalanika and Tatlanika rivers. Basically, this is for antlerless DM684, which is open till the end of October. Bear with me, I am an ATV novice, so same (all?) questions are pretty stupid

1. How difficult this raid of 16-18 miles is (again, I am an ATV novice)

2. Best time to go IYO to avoid mud and water on the trail, at least a lot of it - end of Sept, mid- or late October

3. In late October a snow will likely be on the ground - do I need tire chains?

4. Is it realistic to camp on Parks somewhere nearby (I have a camper on my track) and go to the hunting area for day trips (16-18 miles OW ride).

5. If so, how many miles my range could be on one tank for this particular terrain (I saw 30-50 mpg range for the ATVs' mileage, apparently depending on the trail conditions)

6. Anything else I forgot to ask and/or should be asking?

Thank you very much for your answers and shared info,