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    Our group booked a non guided trip to the Kustatan river for Silvers for July 2011. Just wanted to know other than soaking eggs if anyone had any advice on lures and flies for silvers. We might het a guide hired but won't if we can do it on our own. Thanks!

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    If you know how to salmon fish you dont need a guide. Eggs are the bait of choice but vibrax spinners work too but not as good as eggs. Bring a gun.

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    It has about the same amount of glacial color as the Little Su river on the Parks highway and about the same flow, I have always landed at the last airstrip towards the inlet on the river. I have always dropped some eggs on receding, low or just turning in tide. Have hit the jackpot on several occasions where you get one strike after another, always in the month of July, can be fun. On a few occasions BEARS have been real close by, on take off once I tried to give a mom and two cubs a haircut at 2750 rpm about 15 ft off the ground in the C-180, they scattered but probably not for long. The most effictive anti bear noise I have seen was at Illianama where a Northen Air Cargo DC-6 took off low level and we did not see any bears for a couple of hours ....


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