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Thread: Adak Caribou

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    Default Adak Caribou

    I am going to be in Adak on Monday for 3 days. I was just looking for some advise on hunting the area since I have not been there before. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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    search on here. There are some really good threads about Adak with quality information.

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    Get a ride to the end of the road and start hiking!! I was out there last year and the plane was full of hunters, we hiked a good distance and never saw another person. We took three bulls and hiked them back to the road where we saw base camps all set up. We ended up being the only ones to take bulls because we hiked to where they were that early in the season, which was up high several miles away from town. As the weather gets colder they will start moving closer and apparently the hunting gets alittle easier. We stored our meat in the old survival barrels until we were done hunting which worked out pretty good. Through a suggestion of another forum member we ended up bringing empty storage tubs out to Adak and loading the meat in them & checking them in as baggage when we left. Very easy hiking in my opinion but watch out for sinkholes, the high grass hides them pretty well. Good luck on your hunt and be prepared for some windy weather!! Have fun


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