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Thread: Ordered my first Bow

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    Default Ordered my first Bow

    Had every intention to test ride them when I went into Anchorage but after talking with other people and lurking archery websites, pulled the trigger on this.

    Upgraded the rest to a QAD Pro HD and sights to Tru-site Xtreme on the advice of a friend that has been shooting over 20 years. He said there would be other upgrades but to wait until I get it and see what minor changes I would want.

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    Congrats! And good luck!

    I got mine last Spring after a 10 year hiatus -- with today's compound bows, it won't take but a couple shoots before you are shooting nice groups and just a couple more before your confidence really starts to grow.
    Hey do you know Matt Kennedy? Hes a CPO at Valdez. PM me if so we went to school together recently and I am trying to track him down.


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