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Thread: Downrigger ball retriever

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    Default Downrigger ball retriever

    There was a thread a while back (last year?) that included a homemade rig for pulling you downrigger ball back to the boat, so you wouldn't have to lean out.

    Anybody got suggestions or a description of their homemade version??

    Does the one Scotty makes work better than the Cannon? (I have Cannon downriggers)...

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    We use release clips on 200# mono or cable that are long enough so the clip can be draped over the gunnel while you are fiddling with bait, etc, and you are all set. The lines on my clips are about 4' long. We attach the release clips high enough on the downrigger cable so the ball always stays in the water. Just reach over with your rod and catch the clip line on a rod guide and pull the clip to you.



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