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Thread: Good Bye Al Lee.... Save a spot for me

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    Default Good Bye Al Lee.... Save a spot for me

    Al would come up to my homestead for coffee, back in the early 70's off the Denali Hwy. driving his cub tracking the collared wolves. Then twenty years later we had that armed stand-off that lasted two hours, me with the .458 win. mag. pointed at your belly, and you with the two cans of white gas to burn us out of your cabin, man you were pissed.

    And then there was the Sept. 9'th 2001 when you dropped us off over near Canada, and came in on Sept. 20'th with a "Wild-wild story about the World Trade Center & the Pentagon". If you had not had a tear in your eye, we would never have believe what happened, while we were gone. Good bye Al, we fought, we shared the skies, You were a good man, and a Great Pilot.

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    Was there another crash?
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    No Al was 85, I don't get the News Paper, but someone called to tell me tho Obituary is in todays paper. He was 78 the last time I rode with him.

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    Dang fine Sheep Hunter, he was.
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    Default Al Lee

    I was really saddened to hear of Al Lee's passing. I found his obituary HERE, if anyone is interested.

    I flew with Al twice that I can remember. The first time was my very first fly-out hunt in Alaska, which I wrote about in my float hunting book. Three friends and I, acting on bad information relayed from a friend, had rolled into Lake Louise expecting to find a certain charter operator who would fly us in for $100 each. I wisely packed along an extra $100 "just in case". Turned out that the operator we were referred to was no longer there. The folks at the bar referred us to Al instead. So we drove over to his place where I saw, for the first time in my life, his outrageously huge Dall ram he'd taken many years prior, in the Chugach Mountains. We haggled and dealed, and it was clear that we just didn't have enough cash between the four of us. We walked out to the car, dejected, and determined somehow to find another way to hunt moose. Al called us back to the house, and told us to load up our gear into the Beaver. He flew the whole lot of us out and back, plus back-hauling an extra load for the three moose we'd killed, for the princely sum of $500. The man was all heart. He couldn't have made much (if anything) from that trip. But I paid him back many times over in coming years, by referring people to him.

    The last time I flew with him was a solo sheep hunt in the Chugach. I was going through some tough personal issues and I needed to get away to just "have it out with God". Al was reluctant to take me in alone, but he acquiesced and flew me in to a remote strip where I would hunt for the next ten days or so. I took a nice ram on that hunt, and when Al arrived and saw my success, he just beamed with boyish excitement. He took me all over the area "on the way out", and at one point showed me a pair of outrageously huge bull moose he'd been watching for several days. I commented, "Yeah, but how would you get to them?" to which he remarked, " Why would you even want to?" It made me realize that this man truly cared about wildlife, not just as a target for his hunters, but because of what it is.

    What a guy. There are none like him left, that I have met here in Alaska. He will be sorely missed.

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    AL was a great man and will be missed. I too had him fly me in on my first fly in moose hunt in 91'. I remember climbing in that old blue and white Beaver and straping in. I remember looking at the window seals and there was big chunks of moss growing. I remember him firing that mother up and seeing all the blue smoke coming from the rough sounding engine. I remember looking over at him with that perminate smile he always wore and his hearing aid lodged in his ear. I remember thinking, "oh man, I hope i live thru this", because of coarse it was my first fly in hunt. Well being my first fly in hunt, I didn't understand about possible late pick ups due to weather, other hunters or plain if he didn't feel like coming to get us which I can asure you happens. Well when he didn't show up by day 3 of PERFECT weather, I was SURE the old fart had died and didn't have me in his log book there for I was going to die. Sitting at the end of that day, as the sun was setting, I could hear the faint buzz of that old Beaver coming. After he landed and idled over to me I could see that dam permanate smile thru the window and after shutting her down, he mumbled something about &^@$@ sheep hunters! I didn't say a word, just handed him my gear and meat. I do remember being amazed on how easily he thru those quarters in the plane and also wondered how many quaters he has thrown over the in forever piece Al. Just this year as in every year in the last 5 years I flew in that same old Beaver but now it is with his son Jerry. And the plane is nice and shiny with a new paint job now. The moss has been scraped off the windows and the engine... well it sounds strong like it has 1000's of horses running thru it. Oh, and as I watch Jerry get older, I see that same dam perminate smile forming.....

    Al Lees memoral is this Sat, Oct 2nd and 2:00pm at Tolsona lodge. Oh, and Jerry say's "karoake" will start at 9:00!

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    Nice post Steve and everyone else. Al must've been one hell of a guy, sure sounds like it. It's my loss that I never got to meet him.

    Alot of the old timers with a ton of history in their heads are passing on...and for the most part being replaced with less than equals...


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