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Thread: Haul road complant thread, idjits, dufusses, and ati hunters entered here....

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    Default Haul road complant thread, idjits, dufusses, and ati hunters entered here....

    Quote Originally Posted by Tuxindy View Post
    I too agree with Wiso, maybe somebody should start a "Haul Road *****" thread. If you really don't want your hunt ruined by traffic or non hunters then don't be seen and move off the road.

    DONE.... not to hard really...
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    Default Too funny

    Now that's funny (in an absurdly sad sort of way)!; a thread for people who hunt in the ditch and *itch about traffic "ruining" their hunt....

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    didn't know that a guy standing in camp drinking coffee and seeing caribou headed straight for him then taking cover in the ditch would cause such a huge disturbance but when the tree huggers in the subaru say "you guys shouldn't be killing animals anyway" after backing up between me and the animals I think that it was deliberate.
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    I love this new thread.....I cant wait to get back and b**** about my hunt..............................NOT!

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    I heered tell of a guy up there that has a Bull Grunt for a horn on his pickup, new twist on calling and road hunting.

    Another guy has a Cow Call Ringtone on his cellphone, so he can communicate with nature.
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