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Thread: Barnes VOR-TEX

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    Default Barnes VOR-TEX

    Has anyone tried out this ammo yet. Going to get some in 300 win mag 180 grain to see how they perform and just wondered if anyone has used them yet.

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    The 180gr TSX is well known in 1:10 twist rifles like your 300WM. Reloader's have been using them for a long time with great success. The real question will be "how does the production load work in your rifle".

    I imagine they'll be fine. Be the first to review the product and let us know.

    Do you have a chronograph? It would be nice to see what velocity they're loaded to. It would also be nice to know what manufactor they're using for their brass and what type of powder they are using.

    Are the loads available in your area or you having to order them?

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    I have a Ruger MKII .300WM and I am satisfied with the Wichester Supreme CXP3's, but if there's some other factory ammo that performs like them I'd be willing to try them out if you provide me a box.
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