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Thread: preditor hunter or trapper

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    Default preditor hunter or trapper

    just curious how many on this forum are hunters or trappers. I myself do not set traps but still carry a trapping licence. So technically I am a trapper cause method of take in the trapping regs is firearms. But just curious about the percentage of "true" trappers that visit this forum vs. others like me. I am only a "kind of" trapper cause my friend has still yet to take me out trapping, but that will hopefully change this year.

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    I trap. However any furbearer I see I will shoot when out and about. Most of my fox are taken when heading out to the trapline. I do set for them as well, but most are seen when traveling.

    Every now and again I'll get a hair up my butt to predator call. works well, just hate sitting still for very long. easier to just mosey about and find them.
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