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    So what are the laws if you find an animal? I found a moose (cow) laying in the ditch 50 yards off the Richardson and appears to be freshly killed. I first thought someone had shot it and was coming back. I drove by a couple hours later, still there. No signs of trauma. I finally thought maybe a truck hit it and it ran there. So I reported it to the troopers. Couple days later it was all bloated but still there untouched. Seems like a waste as even the bears didnt get it next to the highway. How long is a game animal edible if not gutted? (43 degrees and rainy) I know a guy who found a legal bull laying next to the road and after several hours of skinning it a guy shows up to claim his moose as he drove home to get his knife. Didnt share it at all either!
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    Lots of variables on the length of time a critter can remain fit for human consumption, without gutting and cooling. Ambient temps, sun, shade etc. Caribou bloat in minutes and deer can be OK after overnight. Road kills belong to the State. A shot critter belongs to the shooter. Leave them alone if you find them.
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    I think i would have inspected the moose, had it not been shot, i would have probably at the very least came home with some backstrap. Hate to see an animal go to waste..


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