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Thread: Keelshield?

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    Default Keelshield?

    Does anyone have a “Keelshield” installed on their aluminum boat? I’m curious if it affects the way the boat handles.


    Thanks for any input.

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    This product seems like a good idea to me. However, I haven't seen a keelshield on the boats around heres so I started thinking maybe there is a reason for that (i.e. it's not needed).

    Do you guys think it's a waste of money??? I want to protect my boat as much as possible.

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    Default 1 1/2 or 2'' aluminum angle

    my boat has angle welded continiously the length of the boat. it protects against hitting rocks agoing to shore or beaching briefly. works good. plus if anything strengthens the boat. rubber or plastic don't think would do much. on a fiberglass boat yeah but not aluminum. angle would be stonger and real nice. the other keel shield might slow the boat a little. just my 2 cents. hope it helps.

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    Thanks for the input rstabout, I appreciate it.


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