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Thread: Broke out the flintlock today

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    Smile Broke out the flintlock today

    Since the sun was shining and the silvers are slow coming in I wanted to do something to enjoy the nice weather so I pulled out my flintlock today. Being on island I was never able to find any black powder but last year I picked up a couple of pounds from a guy moving away. A pound each of ff and ffff.
    I had not shot the flinter in over 11 years so I had to clean all the dried up lube off it it but she was in great shape. I loaded her up with 90 grains and a patched round ball and let it go. Everyone at the range was in shock with all the smoke. As for the target, it was safe. You really have to get used to that split second delay. It was just a lot of fun burning powder. I let a couple of people shoot it and they had just as much fun as I did.

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    Sounds like a perfect day! Hope the range wasn't as crowded as the rivers. Good job on letting others shoot it.

    Does your FL shoot well with reduced loads? We're using ours each winter for snowshoe hare once the venison is in the freezer. Great fun, and fine practice.

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    I love the side hammer front stuffers but never got the knack for the flint locks. It's like having a dang hang fire every round...ON PURPOSE!

    I shot 25 rounds through my White Mountain Carbine this weekend. 12 with round balls and 13 with Lee Real Bullets. The Real Bullets were clover leafing at 30 yards and since I'm going to be muzzleloader hunting deer from my bow stands with the timber still green, thats good enough.


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