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Thread: STAKE anyone?

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    Default STAKE anyone?

    I'm looking for something to use as a tundra anchor for anchoring the corners of my tent. The tent is a Mega Light (non Free standing). In rocky ground the titanium scewers work awesome. But in loose gravel, sand or tundra I just can't seem to find a tent anchor that will hold the corners secure.

    I've tried all sorts of tent stakes and have not found a system that really satisfies me. I looking for something light wieght, packable and that would screw into the ground like one of those dog cable screws. Or like a screw in anchor I've seen guys using to tie down their airplanes.

    Any suggestions out there...?

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    Default stakes...?

    Mountainhardwear makes an accessory for their tents they call a "snow stake" that should work...I've used them in snow and sand with success...they are basically "deadmen"....
    Look at under tent accessories.
    Another thought is a climber's ice screws....a friend gave me some that he thought were to old to depend on for AID...New they are quite expensive for tent stakes....Happy trails.

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    It's tough sometimes with a tent that isn't free-standing. I have one, so I "feel your pain." (And I recall watching a party member's dome tent roll merrily into a lake one time, as well.) SMC (climbing hardware manufacturer) makes a Snow Stake that works in tundra (and snow, "sometimes."). A better choice for snow is their TAnchor.

    In the event that you're trying to anchor on sand, I'd use buried deadmen, either tree limbs, a paddle, an ice axe, etc., or strong bags with strong loops on them. Commercial bags include the Mountain Hardwear Snow & Sand Tent Anchor and the Exped Snow & Sand Anchor. For really cheap, do-it-yourself advice, look at's article on deadmen.


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