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Thread: Birds Picking Up!

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    Smile Birds Picking Up!

    I went out on Saturday in the morning and there were allot more birds flying than last weekend. I wish we had gone further out on the flats as there were lots of geese flying and landing out on the edge of the grass. I can't wait to get back out there in a few weeks.

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    The ducks sure weren't on duck lake, it was as slow as I had ever seen it for this time of year.

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    Was able to get out for both the opener and last weekend. Had my limit of ducks by 9:30 both days of the opener and my limit of specks by 2:30 on opening day. Headed out last weekend and had to work a little harder but got my limit of mostly Green Heads on both days. I can't remember hunting being so good on bluebird days. As we were walking up to one of my favorite spots-a beaver pond-we had to stop about ten times as flocks of green heads, bluebills and teal kept coming in. Must have been about 100 birds in there when we finally snuck up to the edge. After a couple of shots they all flew off but continued to fly back in all afternoon. My 3-1/2 year old lab got a real workout and has been napping for most of the last two days-me I'm really tired from all the walking and my shoulder has a nice bruise on it but can't wait to get out there again. Waterfowl hunting in Alaska-can it get any better than that???
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