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Thread: Couple ways to save money while building

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    Default Couple ways to save money while building

    I'm a huge proponent of not spending more money than I have to (also known as "being cheap" ). Here's a couple of different ways I've saved some green when shopping at the big box bozos:

    Go to your local post office and ask for a "change of address" form. They come in an envelope with various coupons, including one from Lowe's for 10% off all purchases, that's power tools, building materials, anything, up to $5,000 ($500 max. savings). Mine's good until Oct. 15th.

    If I have to go to Home Depot and drop a grand or two, I'll stop at Carr's the day before and put all the money into gift cards instead. For every $100 you spend at Carr's, you get ten cents off each gallon of gas at the pump. I've gotten as much as a couple of bucks off each gallon with this method. You just have to wait 24 hours for the cards to activate; people at Home Depot are always asking me why I have so many gift cards.
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    Gift cards.... that's a great idea.. never thought of that one..

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    Default I second that!!!

    "Go to your local post office and ask for a "change of address" form."

    And I thought I was the only one...........

    Here's another way to save money. ---PAY CASH--- Most people give a discount, as they should..........Plus PAYING CASH means the stupid ass big banks might just not get any more stinkin' filty rich!!!
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